Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

Spiritual maturity and emotional maturity are better together.  Many of us are seeking to grow either spiritually or emotionally but seldom do we see the importance of how one will affect the other. EHS is a course that will help you to become aware of the lies and old habits in your life that have hindered you from becoming your true self.  Weekly application and discussions help us to be intentional and accountable while growing both emotionally and spiritually mature.

What we’ll be covering

This class will feature video teachings and reading associated with Emotional Health Spirituality written by Peter Scazzero.

When: Our fall session will start on Thurs. Sept 21st, from 6:00PM-8:00PM. Seating is limited to 8 persons so please sign up today!

Cost: There is no charge for the class, but you will need to purchase the book bundle before the first class. **Note: Price and availability of book bundles are ever-changing. Please make sure you purchase the “expanded edition”. https://www.emotionallyhealthy.org/product/emotionally-healthy-spirituality-course-participants-pack-expanded-edition/

Who is this service for?

Anyone over 18 years or older who’s looking to learn what the Bible offers on the subject.

Both men and women are welcome!

If interested, please fill out a contact form and denote that you’d like to attend our first session on September 21st.